Valdez Legal, LLC

Executive/Individual Member

Mr. Valdez-Jimenez is the founder of Valdez Legal, which was launched to help immigrants achieve the American Dream and international trade to prosper. He has the passion, education, experience, and network to be an effective advocate for his clients.

​After graduating with his Juris Doctor and Master of Business Administration degrees, he began his career as a contracts manager and legal counsel for large multinational companies in the aviation, technology, and financial services industries. He was soon recognized for his ability to help enterprises comply with complex regulatory requirements, negotiate contracts, and reduce legal risks.

​In the past few years he began to transition his focus to pursuing his true passions, immigration and international trade law. His parents are Latin American Immigrants, which inspired him to help others achieve the American Dream. He has helped numerous immigrants with their petitions, naturalizations, and deportation defense. He also is passionate about international trade, and has helped clients resolve issues relating to customs, maritime, transportation, and so forth. He has also gotten the chance to learn from some of the most experienced attorneys in their fields, helping to prepare him for his own clients.